TRUEDEK® Steel Decking Solutions

TRUEDEK® Steel Decking is exclusively manufactured and distributed by Premier Steel Technologies Pty Ltd from our facilities at Wetherill Park in Sydney. The product was originally launched in 2004 by OneSteel Reinforcing under the name Trussdek II®.

The product enjoyed rapid growth in the building and construction sectors and has been used on a wide variety of building projects. The specialized rollforming machinery to manufacture the profiles was developed and built by Premier Steel Technologies who utilized German TOX® technology for the blind riveting system to join them to make the trapezoid shaped beams.

Trussdek II® was initially manufactured for OneSteel Reinforcing and the business was purchased in 2013 by Premier Steel Technologies. It is now marketed and sold as TRUEDEK® Steel Decking Solutions.

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About Premier Steel Technologies

Premier Steel Technologies Pty Ltd was established in 1980, founded on a partnership between experts in the metal fabrication and construction industries. From there it rapidly developed as a designer and builder of purpose-built machinery as well as a manufacturer of a wide variety of rollformed products for a diverse range of customers, including many difficult custom profiles.

Being at the forefront of rollforming engineering and equipment design, the experienced team at Premier Steel has developed an enviable record of manufacturing non-standard products and overcoming technical design and production challenges.

With the ever increasing scale and ambition of new construction projects, OneSteel saw a demand in the market for a better and stronger steel decking and concrete formwork system, and the need to develop a new design that would be both cost effective and address many of the problems inherent in other products - and engaged Premier Steel to be involved.

The result was Trussdek II® - since renamed TRUEDEK® and after years of successful projects, it has proved to be one of the safest and most practical steel decking and formwork systems available today.

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