TRUEDEK® Permanent Concrete Formwork System

TRUEDEK® steel decking is a permanent concrete formwork system, purpose-designed to bring a broad and clear range of practical advantages over typical metal decking systems. The system is lightweight, modular, easy to handle and made to specification. TRUEDEK® comes in truss heights of 90, 110, 140 and 160mm.

The most noticeable difference is that TRUEDEK® concrete formwork systems can span over 7 metres, and typically requires no propping.

On multi-level construction projects, this greatly reduces the cycle time, and means fitouts can commence the day after pouring concrete. This impressive spanning capacity also makes the system ideal for:

  • Steel or concrete frame buildings, including bandbeam and slab arrangements with a minimum slab depth of 130mm.
  • Masonry wall and domestic construction.
  • Civil works and mining structures with deep slabs up to 600mm.
  • Mezzanine floors.
  • High floor-to-ceiling heights in concrete or steel frame buildings.
  • Infills for cranes, lifts and enclosures.
  • Areas with limited access for propping in renovations and refurbishments.

TRUEDEK® permanent formwork is also pre-cambered to prevent concrete ponding and deliver a truly flat soffit. This decreases total material usage and allows for significantly more precise estimation of required concrete volumes in order to reduce waste and decrease your costs. As TRUEDEK® is built to specification, you can select the best permanent steel formwork and reinforcing for your needs, factoring in requirements for fire rating, slab design, service and deflection.

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High Quality Steel Construction

The versatility and wide-ranging functions of this unique formwork system are a result of using a variety of steel grades, thicknesses and coatings for the base, web and top plate of a standard panel, and an advanced design that lets TRUEDEK® truss panels be supplied in voided, partially voided or solid configurations. When produced without web holes for a voided configuration, the concrete volume and slab weight can be significantly reduced, while partially voided and solid configurations can deliver as-needed benefits across weight, strength and other criteria. Also, shear studs can be installed during the fabrication of the structural steel to reduce site costs and installation time.

Overall, TRUEDEK® delivers outstanding versatility and wide-ranging benefits without compromising strength or quality.

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TRUEDEK® Selling Points

TRUEDEK® is a permanent formwork and reinforcing system designed to span greater than 7.0 + metres un-propped. As the system is modular, light and easy to handle it offers many advantages over other flooring systems. TRUEDEK® is available in heights of 90, 110, 140 and 160mm, depending on the specific design parameters. Basically, we design TRUEDEK® around your project rather than having to design your project around product specification.

The system offers flexibility in both design and construction, taking advantage of the unique two way spanning capabilities in the composite stage. A TRUEDEK® floor system can be constructed using many configurations, including solid, ribbed, partially or totally voided depending on span, load, fire and acoustic requirements. Each of the configurations offers unique properties providing advantages in increasing spanning capacity, reducing concrete volume or improving a specific design parameter.

TRUEDEK® is designed as simply supported during construction as the panels span between supports (precast panels, band beams, blockwork or structural steel). The TRUEDEK® panels are also pre-cambered providing a flat soffit under the dead load of the concrete, which also reduces the overall "practical" concrete volume, where other systems can deflect 10+mm between supports depending on span length and slab thickness.

TRUEDEK® solutions offer savings in slab thickness, reduced reinforcing, accelerated installation speed, can be handled by labour, earlier introduction of services and eliminates the need to back prop, remove propping or other support methods. The reinforcing is reduced by taking advantage of the longitudinal reinforcing within the product. The typical reinforcing used with TRUEDEK includes transverse shrinkage reinforcing (BAMTEC or conventional bar), negative reinforcing for continuity, fire reinforcing, and shear reinforcing when used with shear studs in steel structures as composite slabs.

Key Features:
  1. Typically no propping or back propping of TRUEDEK system (unsupported edges or infill do require support) – reduced labour required for installation.
  2. Reduced cycle time.
  3. Reduction of reinforcing by up to 50%.
  4. Reduced material handling and crane usage - TRUEDEK is lifted in position and then there are no further lifting requirements for the “working” level.
  5. Reduced material / formwork scrap as cutting is limited with TRUEDEK being manufactured to order.
  6. Pre-cambered panels to remove dead load camber avoiding “ponding” and providing accurate concrete volumes (no extra concrete for the ponding) – flatter TRUEDEK soffits also make fit-out simpler.
  7. Safer working platform designed to take full construction 5 kPa working loads (as per code requirements – refer alternative systems data sheets with typical limits of 1 kPa).
  8. Fit-out can commence the day after pour – reduced labour on site for services and fit-out due to “catch-up” required at top levels once “typical” propping and back propping removed.


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