TRUEDEK® Metal Decking Solutions

TRUEDEK®, formerly known as Trussdek II®, is a fully patented and trademarked permanent formwork and reinforcement system that provides significant benefits compared to typical metal decking and formwork systems.

The TRUEDEK® steel decking system comprises a rigid and robust truss panel and an optional flat infill panel offering:

  • A 7+ metre un-propped spanning capacity, significantly longer than other decking systems.
  • Pre-cambering to eliminate wet concrete deflection and produce a truly flat soffit.
  • Thinner slabs that reduce concrete volume and steel reinforcement.
  • Accommodation of prestressing cables.
  • Optional web-holing to allow for solid or voided slabs.
  • Nominal truss and infill panel width of 250mm for ease of handling and faster installation.
  • Predictable formwork costs.
  • Varying truss heights of 90, 110, 140 and 160mm.
  • Earlier introduction of trades and services to the construction site.

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Versatile Steel Decking

TRUEDEK® offers flexibility in both design and construction, letting you take advantage of its unique two way spanning capabilities in the composite stage. A TRUEDEK® slab system can be constructed using many configurations, including trusses that are made to be solid - or partially or totally voided, depending on span, load and fire rating requirements. Each configuration offers unique properties, delivering advantages in increasing spanning capacity and reduced concrete volume.

Note: Design & detailing should be carried out by a qualified structural engineer.


TRUEDEK® Saves Time and Money

  1. TRUEDEK® steel decking systems do not require propping or back propping - with the exception of unsupported edges, reducing the labour required for installation.
  2. Greatly reduced slab construction cycle time.
  3. Reduced cutting requirements, material scrap and wastage, as TRUEDEK® is manufactured to required site lengths.
  4. Pre-cambered panels remove dead load sag, preventing concrete ponding and create a truly flat soffit to allow for more accurate estimation of concrete volume and speedier, simpler fitouts.
  5. Fitting out can commence the day after pour, reducing onsite labour requirements and minimising construction cycle time.

A Safer Working Environment

Worksites can be hazardous, but TRUEDEK® helps create a safer working environment. The steel decking is designed for working loads, while the reduced labour and installation requirements compared to conventional formwork decreases both the total number of workers onsite and the need for extensive propping.

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